Doppler EDAN

The Edan sonotrax vascular lite vascular doppler is a diagnostic medical device intended for healthcare professionals to perform a medical surveillance act to detect abnormalities in blood circulation (blood flow) but also to listen to the heart and the frequency heart of a baby still in its mother’s womb.

Lightweight and sturdy, the vascular Doppler ultrasound can easily be carried in a gown pocket or in a case to allow healthcare professionals to transport it safely to patients’ homes.

Sonotrax Doppler probes are available in different radio frequencies (2MHz, 4MHz or 8MHz) in order to be able to interchange them according to the examination that the healthcare professional wishes to perform. The 2MHz Doppler probe will be used instead for fetal examinations, but the 4MHz and 8MHz probes can be used for vascular diagnostics in arteries and superficial veins.

This examination makes it possible to diagnose ailments in the heart, veins and arteries such as thrombosis, heart disease and pericarditis, but also possible malformations in the newborn or a control of cosmetic surgery.

Technical specifications


• Ultrasonic doppler with 1 2 MHz probe for listening to the heart of a fetus
• Ultrasonic doppler with 1 probe of 4 MHz for listening to the circulatory speed of the arteries
• Ultrasonic doppler with 1 8 MHz probe for listening to the circulatory speed of the superficial veins