A tailor-made service for
veterinary laboratories
and clinics

TEMSEGA’s services include support from the start of the project in agreement with the teams of researchers and veterinarians. Our specialized technicians come to install your anesthesia stations at your workplace and offer you training to allow you to perform your surgical procedures in total safety and with the best possible productivity.

We design animal surgery stations from A to Z

We manufacture products for animal surgery and anesthesia, and we also distribute accessories that allow us to supplement our workstations to provide researchers and clinicians with all-in-one solutions. We work in laboratories, research institutes and veterinary clinics upstream of installation projects. We can even work with teams of architects in building construction projects dedicated to scientific research. This allows us to offer you the solutions best suited to your needs with the warranty of a successful project.

We train you to use the animal anesthesia technical stations

Once the installation is complete, we train you in the use and maintenance of your anesthesia station so that you benefit from it effectively, sustainably and safely for you and for the animals. Our teams of engineers and doctors are there to help you and give you the turnkey devices to get the most out of your surgical facility for many years to come. This service will help you comply with good practices in animal experimentation and surgery, and give your scientific research projects all the necessary potential.

We work on the maintenance of TEMSEGA devices

Our specialist technicians are there at all stages of the installation and use of our devices such as the MiniHUB-V3 or the TAG-S table, and this without time limit in order to ensure performance and efficiency. production, and you will not risk being interrupted in the middle of an experimental protocol without our intervention. TEMSEGA’s after-sales service is recognized for its performance and has been included in the overall service since the start of the installation project. A warranty for you to have working surgical equipment.