Gas anesthesia table
for rodents

Gas anesthesia table for rodents

The gas anesthesia tables created by TEMSEGA are powerful suction stations and fully modular, allowing simultaneous anesthesia for up to 4 operators in complete safety.


In the absence of suction and / or sealing, the anesthetic gas escapes into the room where you work, unfortunately compromising your health. In the animal anesthesia stations created by TEMSEGA, an exclusive gas distribution system synchronizes the supply and aspiration of anesthetic gases in a single step. This goes very concretely in the direction of your health.

Technical specifications


Working width from 660mm to 1500mm depending on the number of workstations.
Working depth 700mm.
Height of the worktop 900mm.


Table mounted on 4 directional casters, 2 of which are equipped with brakes (polyurethane wheels on polyamide rim). Stainless steel liquid and gas recovery tank with purge valve for easy cleaning.


Compatible for air, oxygen and any mixture of these two gases (other gases optional).
Integrated solenoid valves and electronic flowmeter.
Integrated air compressor.
Simple and intuitive touch interface.
Suction power of 600m3 / h.
Visual indicator of filter saturation.

Peripheral devices

ISOTEC 3 or ISOTEC 850 evaporator with secure filling.
Compatible for isoflurane and Sevoflurane.
1 to 4 autoclavable induction boxes integrated into the frame.
1 to 4 automatic anesthesia masks (with animal detection sensor) – autoclavable rat or mouse tip.
2 perforated stainless steel plates including 1 perforated heating plate.
1 T ° probe (rectal probe).


The tables can be equipped with the choice of mouse and / or rat masks.
They can be connected to an active or passive extraction system, or made autonomous with 2 filtration stages (halogenated and HEPA).
The MAXITAG can also be configured with two evaporators for simultaneous anesthesia protocols at different concentrations.