Veterinary anesthesia station
ultra compact


Multi-purpose gas
anesthesia station


Multi-purpose gas
anesthesia station

Gas anesthesia for small animals

TEM SEGA’s MiniHUB V3 offers you the best innovations in the management of anesthetic protocols for small animals thanks to its powerful and efficient computer control.

Les avantages

A versatile tool where you can control any anesthesia interface and manage all research protocols known to date (imaging, surgery, cardiology, toxicology, etc.). A rare precision with fully electronic management of flow rates and suction of used gases. Up to 6 masks and 2 completely independent induction chambers. Efficient, the MiniHUB V3 can easily be moved since it can be transported on a trolley and integrated into PSMs. It contains a used gas suction system that can be adjusted in all circumstances for optimal anti-pollution (< 2 ppm).

Technical specifications


1 ISOTEC3 or ISOTEC7 evaporator with secure filling.
1 or 2 autoclavable induction chambers.
1 to 6 automated rat or mouse holding masks.
External USB port – software update – historical or protocol storage.


Regulated or restricted suction on carbon filters.
Alarm / visual indicator of filter saturation.
Possibility of connection to central vacuum.

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