MIDMARK multi-parameter
veterinary monitor

The most precise and efficient veterinary monitor on the market (manufacturer MIDMARK USA). It informs and guides you in real time. This is your best intervention assistant.

  • Very large 12.1 ” touch screen display for displaying all of the animal’s vital parameters.
  • It uses Cardell® blood pressure technology and specific veterinary algorithms.
  • It is very light (less than 5 kg).
  • It is equipped with all the best assistance and safety technologies for the animal and the user.


Technical specifications


  • It is available in 3-way or 5-way ECG.
  • It can be equipped with an invasive blood pressure measurement module, a printer, mainstream or sidestream capnography and a multi-gas module for real-time analysis of the composition of the breathed gas (oxygen, isoflurane, etc).
  • It can be delivered with various esophageal temperature and SpO2 probes.