This new device presented for the first time in Orlando in January 1998 to meet the demand of veterinarians wishing machines at reduced cost, has on a single compact and efficient assembly, all the elements necessary for the daily needs in anesthesia. The foot can also support monitoring or an electronic ventilator if necessary.


Technical specifications

Technical characteristics

Oxygen flow meter with a reading scale graduated from 0.2 to 4 L / min.
Secure fast speed button of 0²
1100 cc soda lime tank, C0² absorber, held by a single large knurled screw unidirectional inspiratory and expiratory valves fitted with a slight valve under a transparent dome allowing visualization or even hearing of the animal’s respiration.
Adjustable expiratory valve from 0 to 60 cms H²0, useful for respiratory assistance, the balance of the depth of anesthesia and gas saving, provided with an outlet for the evacuation of non-recycled expired gases that can be connected to a passive or active halogenated elimination system.
Highly sensitive pressure gauge graduated from –60 to +60 cms H²0
Supplied with 2 patient circuits of 15 and 22mm in corrugated transparent flexible plastic tubes, 1, 2 and 3 liter balloons and 0² supply (2m) and evacuation (3m) hoses.
Assembly kit included for TEC III, but possible use of different brand evaporators.
Steel column and molded plastic base with 5 branches on casters.
The reduction in the gas path and the flexibility of the valves considerably reducing resistance in the circuit do not require the absolute use of a pediatric open circuit for small animals.


0² bottle for mobile stand.
Pediatric Baïn circuit support for small animals.
Automatic safety valve / ambient air intake for the inspiratory valve.
H 2000 electronic respirator


VME – Ref. : 91800116.
Portable VME – Ref. : 91800121.
Wall mounting kit – Ref. : 91800103.