GenieTouch Syringe Pump
for small rodents

Precision device for infusion, transfusion and microdialysis.
Comes with many features such as dual syringe configuration, automatic blockage detection and touch screen display. The device’s sensors are able to recognize whether the syringe is empty or full.


Technical specifications

Syringe capacities

– Many standard pre-registered syringes.
– Possibility of programming any type of syringe from 0.5µl to 100ml.
– Up to 4 simultaneous syringes.
– Adjustment of the Empty point and the Full point.

Injection methods

– Constant, progressive, stepwise or pulse flow.
– Programmable by duration, volume or flow.
– Adjustable from a few nanoliters / min up to several milliliters / minute.

Advanced functions

– Configurable alarms. Blockage detection. Automatic calibration.
– Autoreverse mode. Linear pushing force adjustable. External trigger.
– USB interface.