Dopplex DMX

The Dopplex DMX is the perfect vascular assessment tool. It provides a bidirectional curve which is only generated from the digital doppler spectrum. This gives the clinician objective evidence to aid in the diagnosis of vascular disease that other dopplers may find difficult or impossible to perform.

Its algorithms optimize the presentation of curves and improve sound quality using our unique Digital Dynamic Noise Reduction (DDNR) system and gel filter. Recording and playback of Doppler sound is just one of the many new features of this state-of-the-art digital Doppler unit.

It can be combined with an automatic systolic pressure index IPS system in the ankle and toe. The Ankle and Toe Pressure (ATP) Kit is a unique combination of DMX Doppler, probes and accessories to provide the vascular, diabetic or lymphatic specialist with assistance in the assessment of arterial disease and neuropathy. Our Arterial Plethysmography (APPG) probe simply attaches to the DMX doppler unit; just replace your doppler probe with its adapter.


Technical specifications


Easy 8: the new 8 Mhz probe incorporates “wide beam” technology and thus allows easier localization of the vessel sought. This makes it easier to maintain contact when inflating and deflating the cuff while measuring blood pressure

4 MHz: High sensitivity 4 MHz probe for exploring deep vessels.

5 MHz: High sensitivity 5 MHz probe for the exploration of edematous limbs and deep vessels. Ideal as a complement to the Easy 8 probe for measuring the systolic pressure index (ratio between the systolic pressure measured in the arm and the pressure measured in the ankle).

8 MHz: High sensitivity 8 MHz probe for easy detection of peripheral vessels and calcified characters.

10 MHz: High sensitivity 10 MHz probe for the detection of small vessels in specialized applications (diabetology, facial surgery, etc.).

IOP 8: New high sensitivity 8 MHz intraoperative probe designed to monitor the hemodynamic status of vessels in an operating field. Extra fine head pen probe (diameter 5mm). Sterilizable by autoclave (6 cycles), ethylene oxide or Sterris® (30 cycles).