TEMSEGA’s MULTI-MODULES CO2 Rack is a tailor-made solution meeting your technical needs and adaptable throughout its use :

  • Modular and scalable rack from 2 to 8 modules.
  • Each module operates independently of the others.
  • Compatible with all ventilated cages on the market.
  • Pre-recorded and customizable CO2 euthanasia protocols for each rodent breed.


Technical specifications


The rack is in the form of 2, 4 or 8 modules. You can change from 2 to 4 modules or 8 modules at any time by adding a column to increase your capacity according to the volume of animals to be treated.

The CO2 concentrations in the induction phase are adjustable, as well as the duration of each phase. The gas flows and mixtures are automatically managed by the control unit.

Many programs can be memorized for safe and efficient work.


The CO2 Rack can be connected to any type of building extraction.

In 2 and 4 module versions, it can also have its own soda lime-based CO2 filtration drawer

Alarms signal any extraction or filtration failure for optimal user safety

Likewise, alarms signal any failure of the air or CO2 sources to guarantee perfect success of veterinary protocols.