The TEM euthanasia machine for laboratory rodents allows a CO2 induction sequence according to a strict and secure protocol.
Gradual phase of painless sleep, CO2 saturation, purging with CO2 absorption.
A simple and intuitive interface. The pneumatic circuit is electronically controlled and the pressure is self-regulating for better respect for the animal.


Technical specifications


PLC dimensions: 140 x 360 x 250mm – Weight 3kg
Can drive up to 2 identical boxes simultaneously.
Requires an Air and CO2 network of 3 to 5 bars
Autonomous station with CO2 trap


Can be delivered with 3 box sizes:
15 Liters (ref. 4211215),
45 Liters (ref. 4211245)
93 Liters (ref. 4211293)